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Building your Career?  Building your Team?

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Resume Prep Help

Now, here is where we get to the good stuff. This is your chance to blow away your future employer with your experience and expertise…


Visas / Immigration

Australia… one of the world’s most desirable counties to live in and now, one of the hardest to obtain residency in due to the recent changes around visas, announced in April 2017 (Cheers Malcolm!)…


Behavioural Interview Questions

Look for hard evidence of the candidate’s ability to keep track of details. A good response will detail the different information that the  candidate was required to stay


Interview Tips

Know the name of the interviewer(s) and their job title(s). It’s important that you do some research on them via LinkedIn so firstly you know who you are meeting and don’t greet the wrong person…

Here at Firesoft, we believe that it is our job to make sure potential candidates have the best possible shot at their dream job. But this is not all — We are committed to making sure that our recruitment partners have the tools they need to plan for and attract the best talent, while also developing and retaining their current workforce.
With this in mind, we have provided links to a number of resources designed to help with both:

Most of these materials have been developed with NSW laws and regulations in mind, but they are still valuable HR Resources for any employer in Australia. From case studies and DIY templates designed to give your business a head start, we provide a range of helpful resources for new businesses.

If your business is already established, then the guides and brochures listed can help you ensure your business has the right foundation on all the most important workplace development topics.

Useful links

Being aware of your rights and entitlements as an employee is essential if you want to be sure of your happiness, mental wellbeing and overall job security in the long term. Fortunately all that information is easily available right from the NSW government website, along with a variety of other valuable HR resources.

NSW Government employment resources

Potential employers will usually run an extensive background check on all job candidates. So, while it might not stop them from running their own – taking a copy of a completed background check along with you to the interview doesn’t hurt. It’s also good for you to know what a potential employer may found out about you, so that you can remedy any mistakes before it hurts your application!

We offer extensive background check services to both employers and employees, so contact us to get started, or to find out more about any of our resources or services.

Useful links

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Fair Work