Background Checks

Background Checks

Sometimes, half an hour of face to face chit chat and two reference checks aren’t enough to determine whether you should hire a candidate (no kidding!).

Imagine you hire a person and six months later you find out that they had been involved in a lawsuit all this while. You will not only regret the time and effort invested in training the person but will doubt whether your company’s important information was in safe hands all this while. It will bring you back to the cumbersome cycle of hiring an all-new person for the same position.

Do You Really Know Who You Are Hiring?

It is important to know the candidates you are hiring inside-out to ascertain whether you can trust them. In the scenario when almost anything can be done within a few clicks, it is not difficult to fabricate certificates and pretend to be someone else. Any carelessness in checking the background of the candidates can cost your business dearly in terms of financial loss and reputation.

More importantly, as an employer, ensuring a safe working environment for your employees should be your prime concern. By unknowingly hiring someone who has committed suspicious acts in the past, you put the safety of your priceless employees at stake.

How FIRESOFT Helps You To See The True Picture?

Even if the HR in your organization undertakes some employment background checks, it is quite likely that these checks are shallow as HRs typically lack the required network to verify the authenticity of the ‘stated facts’ and documents.

At FIRESOFT, we carry rigorous background checks to ensure that every new person hired in your organization proves to be an asset and not a liability. In addition to standard ‘ask around; look around’ investigation, and other checks depending on the nature of your project, our team partners with specialist agencies to provide comprehensive reports based on

  • Criminal History Checks
  • Credit Checks
  • Qualifications Verification
  • Eligibility to Work in Australia (VEVO)
  • Assistance with Government Clearance

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