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Building your Career?  Building your Team?
For those candidates who are interested in Visa Sponsorships and Immigration Information we have included some of the most helpful links below:

Should you wish to discuss in more depth with a Professional Immigration Agent Please feel free to be in touch with our Contracting and Immigration Partner: Ayres Management

Increasingly, global development flows across borders.
So do workers who possess the skills that your company needs.
Sometimes the right candidate for the job comes from another country. Every country’s national interest compels border security, which can involve a complex and confusing process for workers and their potential employers.
In our experience, a wrong move or a missed filing can jeopardise a candidate’s case for entry. We can help foreign workers avoid these pitfalls and get case resolution as quickly as possible.
Firesoft People can help.

Who We Are

Firesoft People works to connect skilled candidates with the right fit for employment. We work at every level, from entry-level positions to corporate leadership executive searches. Our strategy lies in learning as much as possible about candidates and employers to match them up precisely.

Our company also strives to serve responsibly. This includes taking action in areas such as ending hunger in Africa.

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What We Do to Help Foreign Employment Candidates

Our team brings years of experience in assisting candidates to untangle visa sponsorship and immigration work visa issues.
First, we provide free resources, including connections to government agencies who can help.
Additionally, we partner with a professional contracting and immigration agency. They will provide a professional immigration agent who can work hand in hand with applicants and those providing visa sponsorship to get candidates into Australia legally.
We encourage candidates and employers alike to rely on Firesoft People to resolve immigrant work visa situations quickly and effectively.

Call or message us today to learn more about our wide array of worker visa and other employment challenge solutions. Let us serve your needs regardless of whether you seek employment or qualified employees.