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Zhai has always had a hidden passion for accounting. She loves it so much that she has been working and continuously learning the craft for almost 6 years now. Although at the on-set of her career, she started with Executive and Administrative tasks, her love for numbers eventually shone through and she found herself learning and doing accounting tasks from monitoring Accounts Payables to preparing Accounts Receivables and doing bank reconciliation, just to name a few.

A single mom of two teenagers, a church volunteer, a daughter, a sister, and a FIRESOFT home-worker from the Philippines, she wears many hats daily! A lot right? Yes, its a lot! She’s the first person to admit it’s not at all easy to balance everything, but she knows aside from her aspirations for her kids which pushes her to work hard, her strong faith plays a big role in fueling her day to day success!

To her, honesty is indeed the best policy. She is all about working with integrity and she strongly believes there shouldn’t be anything that you should lie about, even when it comes to your own mistakes. Mistakes happen to teach us lessons and without acknowledging our mistakes, we will not grow and learn