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Building your Career?  Building your Team?



One of the things we love about the FIRESOFT growth story is that we’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some incredible humans along the way! We’re not under any illusion that people will stay with the FIRESOFT family forever and as they grow and develop, they may graduate our environment to other exciting challenges!

One of our fundamental beliefs is anchored around mutually beneficial relationships – our internal team included! We are clear about understanding our team members’ goals and aspirations and how we can help them get there!

Our Alumni pages give us the opportunity to honour and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done for us and proudly commend them for what they’re up to now and where they’re headed in the future along the path to their dreams!

Matt – Australian Born, Sport (literally ALL sports) fanatic, and all-round intensely passionate guy. Matt was the very first (and brave!) FIRESOFT team member. He joined us in mid 2012 and graduated in 2014 to give the account management domain a go!

Currently He Is:The Talent Acquisition Manager for an Information Management Consultancy in Sydney

His Dream: He would love to be a professional sports/surf athlete or photographer