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Building your Career?  Building your Team?



Jessica is a qualified marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. Throughout her career she
has helped Australian brands grow from strength to strength to become industry leaders in their fields.
Jessica joins the team with a commitment to sharing top quality content and streamlining strategies to
ensure only the best customer experience when working with the Firesoft Group.
Jessica harnesses her creative flare to share the brilliance of the Firesoft brand from it’s leading edge
services, amazing team and overall offering, Jessica sure has a lot to share! She’s passionate about what
she does and loves to see results!
When she isn’t at work, you’ll find Jess spending her time getting out and about enjoying the sunshine
with her two children and hubby, she loves a good shopping trip and relaxing by the beach. Jess is super
excited about the growth of Firesoft People and is thrilled to be a part of the journey.



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