We are passionately tied to your success
and are committed to doing it right the first time
Building your Career?  Building your Team?
We get to know you, enabling us to
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Building your Career?  Building your Team?
Need the flexibility of rolling people on and off projects with the flick of a switch?
Want to relieve the pressure and stress of HR related responsibility associated with holding heavily-weighted permanent teams?
Our Contract Recruitment solution gives you the ability to fill short and mid-term positions – immediately, without the headache (and placement fee!).

Are you looking for a fast and flexible way to fill your temporary positions without burdening your HR department? If so, FIRESOFT People is one of the premier IT contract recruitment agencies in Sydney, and we excel at filling contract positions. We offer IT contract recruitment for businesses of all sizes, and we’re excited to work with you.

We’ll tailor our IT contract recruitment to meet your budget, wants and needs quickly and easily. Our staff excel at matching our applicants to our clients’ positions, and we handle every aspect of the hiring and payroll process. Our goal is to be the IT contract recruitment agency that ensures the entire hiring process goes smoothly from start to finish, and we have a passion for seeing our clients succeed.

Our agency has the connections, applicant pool, experience and dedication to find the perfect employee, no matter how large or small your company may be without breaking your budget. If you’re ready to see how hard we work for our clients, get in touch. Our talented recruiters are on hand and ready to tailor our IT contract recruitment services to suit your needs today!

As you already know, the FIRESOFT Team are all specialists in their verticals. If you’ve read Our Philosophy you’ll know we have built deep talent pools and extended networks to ensure we can provide our clients with a choice of the consultants they need – on demand.

It’s as simple as this: You provide us with your total hourly or daily budget, the project you’re working on and what key skills you think you need (and we’ll be honest with you as to whether your budget and wish list are aligned!) and then we make it happen! No big commission fees; our margins (and we know they are very competitive) are already baked into the daily or hourly budget you gave us!

To further sweeten the deal, we manage all the timesheets, payroll and insurances plus organise any technology or tools if required! The only thing you have to worry about is what you’ll do with all that extra time now that you’ve handed it over to a specialist…

Our Contract Recruitment team members always seek to make the contract experience a positive one for clients and candidates alike. A fact that reflects positively on our clients businesses.