Job Interview Tips & Tricks

Candidate Interview Tips



Know the name of the interviewer(s) and their job title(s).

It’s important that you do some research on them via LinkedIn so firstly you know who you are meeting and don’t greet the wrong person. Secondly to find out what their position is within the company in order to get a better understanding of their role and allows you to engage better.

Research the location of the interview.

It’s always best to do a practice run at roughly the same time of the day as you will be travelling on the interview date to give you a
rough idea of time. Allow for delays, accidents, roadworks and aim to be their 15 mins early. Check out if there is onsite parking if you are driving or where the nearest train station is.

Prepare and ask intelligent questions about the job/employer/industry.

There is nothing worse than at the end of the interview having no questions for the new potential employer, it shows a lack of engagement and enthusiasm for the role. Make sure your questions are relevant and not just for the sake of it. (eg what do you enjoy
most about working at XXX company?)

Practice answers for the most common job interview questions using the STAR format.

The STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result) allows you to structure your answers well and stops you from waffling! An example of a common question would be “Tell me about a time when you were in a difficult/challenging situation”.

Dress to your audience!

Traditionally when we think about interviews we think suit and tie/smart business dress. It is important that you dress according to your potential employer; for example if you are interviewing within the Digital Development industry a shirt and chinos would probably be more acceptable than a 3 piece suit. (Disclaimer! Not all digital/development agencies wear jeans and tshirts!)

Give a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and smile!

handshakes but alternatively try not to crush every bone in their hand. Sometimes we forget to smile when we’re concentrating – SMILE!

Follow up.

Before you leave the interview, ask what the next steps are in the process. After you have interviewed it is always a good idea to follow up with a personalised email thanking them for their time and reconfirming your interest in the role.


Drink alcohol, smoke or eat smelly foods.

Avoid doing these 3 things before the interview and do not try to cover it with aftershave/perfume, by all means do all 3 after the interview if you wish!

Arrive late.

DON’T ARRIVE LATE. Do not be late. Did I mention you need to be on time?

Talk about salary or any company benefits.

It’s always best for you to let the employer bring that one up, discussing salary or benefits before you have the job could make you
look very silly if you haven’t delivered on the interview.

Be desperate.

By all means, show passion, drive and enthusiasm for the role, but don’t come across desperate or that you’d take any role offered.

Be negative!

Under no circumstance should you talk about previous employers/colleagues in a negative light or about yourself for that matter. It’s best not
to lie in your interview, it’ll only backfire once they call you out on it later down the line.

Fidget or mumble.

When nervous it’s easy to start fidgeting in your seat or start annoyingly tap a pen without realising. Keep you hands out in front of you on the table and make sure you speak with a loud clear voice when you are addressed.

Assume the job is in the bag.

You know what they say about people who assume! Just because you have been invited to the interview or both you and the interviewer support
the same footy team doesn’t mean the job is yours. Go above and beyond to prove that you are worthy of this position and you are the best candidate for it.

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