Behavioural Interview Questions

behavioural interview questions

Behavioral Job Interview Questions

Behavioral job interview questions are popular recruitment techniques used throughout Australia. At FIRESOFT People, we regularly help IT professionals secure employment. If facing a behavioral job interview question is something you’re yet to encounter, it may help to learn some tips.

Adopting the STAR approach

No matter what question you’re facing, it’s a good idea to adopt the STAR approach. It goes as follows:

  • Situation: Describe the situation that’s relevant to the question you’ve been asked.
  • Task: Describe the task you needed to complete to resolve the situation.
  • Action: Describe the action(s) you took to tend to the task.
  • Results: Discuss the outcome of your actions and the impact you felt you had.
You may find that your interviewer has some follow-up questions. Such questions could relate to whether you would have done anything differently, or how the situation made you feel. Always answer those types of questions positively, but honestly.

Typical behavioral job interview questions

Although behavioral job interview questions vary from place to place, you then can often be assigned to one of a few types. For example:

  • Tell us about a time you rose to a challenge
  • Tell us about a time you worked as part of a team
  • Tell us about a time you had to use your initiative
  • Tell us about a time you didn’t get a desired outcome and how you handled it
  • Discuss how you prioritise working on multiple projects

Usually, the person asking the question is looking for certain attributes. For example, teamwork questions explore how well you work with others. Leadership questions focus on your ability to work independently, but while following company protocols. Unexpected outcome questions look into how well you work under pressure.

At FIRESOFT People, we’re here to help you succeed in your recruitment journey. If you need assistance with finding your new role, contact us.

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