FIRESOFT Approved NSW Government Contingent Recruitment Panel – SCM0007

The FIRESOFT Team are pleased to announce they are an approved supplier to the NSW Government on the Contingent Recruitment Panel; SCM0007 (replacing the previously held C100).

Our consultants have been supplying to NSW Government for over 14 years and have proven experience in delivering on NSW Government job requirements across multiple categories.

FIRESOFT can assist you in the following contingent workforce categories:

Category H – ICT Management Implementation and Support

Category I – ICT Applications, Databases and Systems

For any inquiries please contact Erin Evans, Relationship Manager to NSW Government on 02 9262 6632 or email her at for more information.

– We look forward to partnering with you!

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Firesoft is HIRING!

FIRESOFT is currently experiencing a significant organic growth phase; one which we’re really proud of and excited about!

We are in the process of strengthening our ‘ambassador team’; a team that will continue to be the core ‘heart and soul’ of who we are and will passionately represent our team values, goals and aspirations.

These individuals will represent and own each vertical within our specially designated verticals and will be involved in the exciting journey of the business growth, innovation and expansion!

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about their technology, want to ‘own’ their space, and are driven to develop and maintain strong relationships with a high level of quality; a true consultative approach.

We believe strongly in the power of creativity and innovation; we want to hear from those who are able to work in an adult environment and truly want to innovate their own processes and the process in which recruitment is traditionally conducted; we are out to achieve the highest quality and results for both our clients and candidates – lets think outside the box.

If you are an experienced consultant and the above attitude and environment resonates with you we want to hear from you!

Get in touch – – we’ll catch a coffee to review the basics and figure out if this may be the right team for you!

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FIRESOFT Approved Supplier to NSW Gov IT Services Scheme: SCM0020

FIRESOFT is pleased to announce as of March 1, 2013 they are an approved supplier to the NSW Government for the NSW Government IT Services Scheme; SCM0020.

The inclusion on this list enables FIRESOFT to supply low risk customer contracts across NSW government agencies, valued up to $150,000.

The NSW Government IT Services Scheme aligns with the NSW Government ICT Strategy 2012, which aims to provide a comprehensive approach to identifying, sourcing and procuring ICT goods and services, as well as ensuring that the government harnesses new, innovative and effective approaches.

FIRESOFT is Approved to supply ICT Services under this agreemet across the following Categories: A01, A02, A03, C01, D01, D02, E01, F01, F02, I01, I02, I03, I04, J01, J02, K01, K02, K03, K04, M01, M02, M03, M04, M05, M06, M07 and M08.

FIRESOFT is looking forward to offering a complete range of IT services to the NSW Government agencies. Our services under this scheme can be obtained through ProcurePoint.

For more information you can get in touch with the team at 0292626632 or email

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5 tips to Job-Hunting through the Silly Season and Beyond…

5 tips to Job-Hunting through the Silly Season 

Looking for a new job into late November, December and early January can often be frustrating. There is no doubt it’s a different climate for job hunters during the ‘silly season’ however it doesn’t have to be a waste of time.

We’ve recently been chatting with both our clients and candidates around the climate for both hiring and job hunting through the festive season.  There is an ingrained belief throughout the recruitment world that most hiring/job hunting halts through the season and then picks back up into late January; this isn’t always the case …if you know what you’re doing!

We are finding year after year that our clients are looking to hire straight through the season and those who are being proactive in their job hunting approach are often those to reap the benefits.

Knowing what we know, and seeing first-hand what happens in recruitment around this time of year we’ve decided to put together some ‘insider knowledge’ for those looking to optimise the opportunities the season can offer…!


5 Tips to Job-Hunting in November, December and January


1.       Get to know your market: MAP a plan

Spend some time looking on job boards like Seek, LinkedIn, MyCareer, Facebook etc. for roles which might be suitable for you. Do some research to find out which recruiters would be most involved in your area of speciality. Develop a relationship with them; speak openly about their current opportunities and what they have coming up into January. This is the key. Recruiters and line managers alike will start to have more free time to speak with you as the season winds down. Create a follow-up list and compile the names of these connections to establish another touch point for the New Year if they are unable to help you out now.


2.       Tailor your approach; get focused

Apply for as many live, credible and applicable jobs you can throughout late November and into December.  Focus on clearly understanding the role, developing rapport with the recruiter or manager and doing some further research into the companies you apply for. Should you not be successful for those roles, the company you had applied to may have other roles which might suit you into the New Year. Second; tailoring your CV to each role, clearly addressing the key selection criteria is also key. This will demonstrate a clear relevance and should land you at least a chat with the recruiter for shortlisting…this also opens doors. For some insight into ‘shaking off the dust’ and refreshing your job-hunting approach check out our last blog here


3.       Network, Socialise, Connect

The ‘silly season’ is a great time to celebrate, connect, network and socialise; who says you can’t do all of this AND bolster your career at the same time? Make a point to attend as many relevant, industry-related networking socials, coffee catch-ups or after work drinks. The connections you make during the season could certainly yield profit into January and can help to strengthen your network throughout the rest of the New Year; win-win!


4.       Pitch for NOW

Many of the conversations you will have during this time of year will most likely focus around January. This is a natural progression throughout December and you’ll hear it from both recruiters and line managers. One of the best things you can do is stear the conversation to ‘now, today, next week’ –  sooner than after Christmas. This doesn’t mean you have to land an interview or sign any paperwork before Christmas but it could be a face to face catch-up, telephone chat or Skype chat which would establish the connection and perhaps open more doors for the future. Stay proactive, stay engaged and you’ll be the first one in the door early January…


5.       Don’t write it off

One of the biggest opportunities for the savvy job-hunters during this time of year is that most of the ‘other guys’ are taking their foot off the peddle. This means 80% of your ‘regular-season competition’ is eating themselves into a turkey-induced coma and gives you a rare opportunity to stand out and shine. A clearly addressed, well prepared, well researched and highly relevant CV in this market is GOLD for the (more surprisingly common than not) line manager desperately trying to fill those last few requirements before Christmas break.

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity!


Give us a call if you want to chat around what’s happening with us NOW and avenues to be mapped and explored into January!

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ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers?

ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers?


In our most recent post, we talked about the candidate short market that currently exists in Australia. This phenomenon is pretty easy to explain – it occurs when the demand for quality, skilled professionals outweighs the supply available. Whilst this is great news for candidates, it means that recruiting good people into your business is going to be more challenging and competitive in the short to medium term.


To be specific, in the Clarius Skills Index in June 2012, there were nine occupations displaying shortages, with the most extreme deficit occurring in Engineering, ICT Professionals and Corporate Service Managers. If your business employs people in these categories, it is vital that you take a considered and structured approach to your resourcing needs.


At Firesoft Consulting, we are working with a number of our clients to develop a resourcing strategy that will maximise their opportunities to attract and retain high quality professionals into their business. Here is some of the advice that we’ve recently given to our clients:


  • Understand the need that you are trying to satisfy through your recruitment activities. This can only be done if you have performed a clear needs analysis, involving the key stakeholders within your organisation. By having a clear idea of your needs, you will be in a much better position to describe who you are looking for and to assess each candidate’s suitability to meet your requirements.


  • Also, by having a clear statement of need – often presented best in the form of a clearly documented, well-structured position description – your candidates will see just how well your organisation operates.


  • Once you have cemented a clear position description, you should identify a trusted resourcing partner to work with – one who takes the time to understand so much more than just the position title for your role. They will take the time to meet with you to understand what makes your company tick, the culture of your organisation, the essential skills and knowledge a candidate needs to be successful in your role. They will go beyond simply providing a recruitment service and strive to be everything a business partner should be.


  • In a candidate short market, it is vital that you have an advocate out there working to bring the very best candidates to you. They will be promoting your company, presenting the career opportunities and other benefits that working with your company will offer. They will dig deeper into the market by utilising their knowledge and their contacts to identify “passive candidates” – those who may not respond to a traditional “job ad”.


  • This advocacy is only going to be successful by working with a partner who can display and demonstrate  a unique combination of resourcing experience, tenacity, an outstanding network of candidates and other key players in the market and the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour. At Firesoft Consulting, these are the very hallmarks that our brand represents.


  • The current market also necessitates open, honest and regular communication between the employer, the resourcing partner and the candidate. Remember that the best candidates may very well have multiple opportunities they are considering – are you ready to move quickly and efficiently to “snap up” your preferred candidate? Are your HR processes and procedures sufficiently nimble to allow an efficient offer process or is poor preparation going to reduce your chances of engaging the person you want to have in your team.


  • Finally, prepare properly for the interview. Every recruiter out there tells their candidate to prepare properly and to present well at interview. Often this is based on the candidate’s need to be successful in gaining a role and, in a “normal market”,  the company having the “upper hand”, as it were. In the current market, however, the situation is reversed. You are the one who needs to impress enough to be chosen. You, as the representative of your company, have the opportunity to promote your company and display that yours is a great organisation to work with. Have you done enough preparation to land this?


When the time comes to choose a resourcing partner, we’d be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss how Firesoft Consulting can work with you to maximise your opportunities to attract and retain the very best candidates in a difficult marker for employers.


Our experience, knowledge and professionalism is here and available to you. Why not give us a call and discuss how we can become that trusted resourcing partner for your organisation.


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ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. As a Candidate What does this Mean for You?

ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. As a Candidate, What does this Mean for You?


There has been a lot of buzz lately around the tightening of the IT and Project resource market. We’ve been talking to a number of our clients and they are telling us how much trouble they are having recruiting through some of the traditional avenues like standard job board, internal applications and the like. In the resourcing space, in which Firesoft operates, we refer to this as a candidate short market.


As much as this creates frustration for employers who are trying to identify and attract good resources, this is a great sign of confidence and robustness in both the job market and the Australian economy. The statistics from the June 2012 quarter are a testament to the changes that have occurred recently. They showed that there was a skilled labour shortage of 2300 people where only three months earlier, there was a surplus of around 15,000 skilled individuals who couldn’t find work. This is also reflected in the very low Australian unemployment rate – it was sitting at 5.1% in August 2012.


As the name suggests, this kind of market translates to a shortage of available candidates. But let us be very clear – this does not meant that you will be showered with job offers and copious amounts of money. What it does mean, however, is that if you know the right steps to navigate this market, you should be able to reap the benefits.


Some key factors to keep in mind:


  • Only apply for roles that genuinely interest you and that you believe you are suitable for. Potential employers will respond better to candidates who target roles and employers that are relevant rather than cascading your CV across the country.


  • There is much to be gained by contacting a resourcing agent who specialises in your areas of interest and experience and has demonstrated high levels of success for their candidates. By working with a successful resourcing agent like Firesoft Consulting, you will give yourself the best opportunity to become known and to be considered by the leading employers in your specialist area.


  • You should work closely with your resourcing agent to create and tailor your CV to highlight the most important and relevant details of your background and experience.


  • Remember that regardless of whether it is a favourable employment market for candidates or not, there is no substitution for quality preparation for an interview. You are representing your own unique brand, highlighting your strengths and experience. You want to make an impression and be remembered by your prospective employer – for all the right reasons.


This is a resourcing market that should give candidates a great sense of anticipation and hope. It is a market where opportunities exist for people who prepare and present well for opportunities that arise. At Firesoft Consulting, we enjoy nothing more than working with candidates to give them the very best chance to be successful in finding that next role. If you are ready to start that preparation, why not give us a call and arrange a time to come and meet with us.


We look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.


To Your Success!


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