ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers?

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ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers?

ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers? Previous item 5 tips to Job-Hunting... Next item ICT Skills Shortage...

ICT Skills Shortage “Extreme”. What Does this Mean For Employers?


In our most recent post, we talked about the candidate short market that currently exists in Australia. This phenomenon is pretty easy to explain – it occurs when the demand for quality, skilled professionals outweighs the supply available. Whilst this is great news for candidates, it means that recruiting good people into your business is going to be more challenging and competitive in the short to medium term.


To be specific, in the Clarius Skills Index in June 2012, there were nine occupations displaying shortages, with the most extreme deficit occurring in Engineering, ICT Professionals and Corporate Service Managers. If your business employs people in these categories, it is vital that you take a considered and structured approach to your resourcing needs.


At Firesoft Consulting, we are working with a number of our clients to develop a resourcing strategy that will maximise their opportunities to attract and retain high quality professionals into their business. Here is some of the advice that we’ve recently given to our clients:


  • Understand the need that you are trying to satisfy through your recruitment activities. This can only be done if you have performed a clear needs analysis, involving the key stakeholders within your organisation. By having a clear idea of your needs, you will be in a much better position to describe who you are looking for and to assess each candidate’s suitability to meet your requirements.


  • Also, by having a clear statement of need – often presented best in the form of a clearly documented, well-structured position description – your candidates will see just how well your organisation operates.


  • Once you have cemented a clear position description, you should identify a trusted resourcing partner to work with – one who takes the time to understand so much more than just the position title for your role. They will take the time to meet with you to understand what makes your company tick, the culture of your organisation, the essential skills and knowledge a candidate needs to be successful in your role. They will go beyond simply providing a recruitment service and strive to be everything a business partner should be.


  • In a candidate short market, it is vital that you have an advocate out there working to bring the very best candidates to you. They will be promoting your company, presenting the career opportunities and other benefits that working with your company will offer. They will dig deeper into the market by utilising their knowledge and their contacts to identify “passive candidates” – those who may not respond to a traditional “job ad”.


  • This advocacy is only going to be successful by working with a partner who can display and demonstrate  a unique combination of resourcing experience, tenacity, an outstanding network of candidates and other key players in the market and the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour. At Firesoft Consulting, these are the very hallmarks that our brand represents.


  • The current market also necessitates open, honest and regular communication between the employer, the resourcing partner and the candidate. Remember that the best candidates may very well have multiple opportunities they are considering – are you ready to move quickly and efficiently to “snap up” your preferred candidate? Are your HR processes and procedures sufficiently nimble to allow an efficient offer process or is poor preparation going to reduce your chances of engaging the person you want to have in your team.


  • Finally, prepare properly for the interview. Every recruiter out there tells their candidate to prepare properly and to present well at interview. Often this is based on the candidate’s need to be successful in gaining a role and, in a “normal market”,  the company having the “upper hand”, as it were. In the current market, however, the situation is reversed. You are the one who needs to impress enough to be chosen. You, as the representative of your company, have the opportunity to promote your company and display that yours is a great organisation to work with. Have you done enough preparation to land this?


When the time comes to choose a resourcing partner, we’d be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss how Firesoft Consulting can work with you to maximise your opportunities to attract and retain the very best candidates in a difficult marker for employers.


Our experience, knowledge and professionalism is here and available to you. Why not give us a call and discuss how we can become that trusted resourcing partner for your organisation.