HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Losing out on your overall organizational productivity, meeting a horde of people to find the ‘right fit, as the owner of an organization, you might be well aware of the pain of hiring. You invest your time and resources in training beginners so that they can deliver according to your expectations. After a certain period, they plan to switch, leaving you with the tedious cycle all over again.

Irrespective of the scale of your business or the industry you operate in, hiring people is a continuous business process. Like most of the organizations, if you barely manage to fill your organizational vacancies by employing your leftover resources, how would you expand your scope of operations and be ahead of the pack? You can make a smart move and take the road less travelled by-Human Resource Consulting Services to get talented personnel for your organization without disrupting your operational flow.

Push Your Expectations- We Have Your Back

At Firesoft, we invest time in building connections and digging the best talent so that you don’t have to. Over the years, we have built connections and are equipped with skilled experts who know that the right candidates have much more than the required background.

Unlike other, HR consulting firms, we do not consider our job complete when we provide you with full assistance in hiring. We believe that choosing the right people is only half of the battle won. The way you set the ball rolling determines much of its pace in the succeeding stages. When you work with Firesoft, you get access to a wide variety of services and training programs like Self Awareness Manager program, Management Training Series and several 1-day in a month training programs 6 months.

These programs provide training and bespoke consulting around best practices and methodologies concerning the following-

  • How to Recruit the Best
  • How to Coach
  • How to Induct a New Team Member
  • How to Hold Employees Accountable
  • How to Reward and Recognise
  • How to Develop and Plan for Future Success
  • DISC Management Principles

As part of our commitment to providing impactful and lasting outcomes for both our clients and consultants, we’ve teamed up with an awesome company; HUMAN TRIBE who specializes maximising team productivity and unleashing individual potential.

Still Not Sure whether You Need Firesoft, the Unconventional Human Resource Consulting Firm?

We can help you if you suffer from one or more of these problems

  • Waste a lot of time in hiring new people
  • Deploy your productive resources in filling vacancie
  • Have poor organizational productivity
  • Have low return on investment
  • Find it difficult to manage the existing staff

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