Executive Search

Executive Search

Caught in a maze of difficult situations, you are looking for a game-changer; a shape-shifter; a visionary, someone who would reshape your business but you’ve been given the mandate of operating in the shadows; to keep things strictly confidential of course. How will you attract a unicorn without telling anyone about it or a fair hunt?

Our executive level search tends to be 90% headhunting, talent-mapping, network- based. It is where we get to really flex our investigative, research and negotiating muscles as an executive search firm so that you can hire some of the best talents out there in the industry without revealing it to your competitors or the general public.

Fit the Pieces of the Puzzle

There is no point of hiring the one who knows their job well but lacks the ability to adapt to your organization. Sooner or later, such a person would become an agent of propagating uneasiness in the entire organization. With our expertise, we help you recruit someone who not only possesses the required skills but aligns with your organization’s culture.

Why Choose Firesoft over Other Executive Search Firms?

With a managerial position come big responsibilities and magnified repercussions. At Firesoft, we understand that there is a difference between candidates who are looking for a job and people who possess the caliber and experience to tap the full potential of the employees working under them.

We put our expert hats to understand every client’s strategic goals, specific job role competencies to come up with the most suitable candidates after rigorous research based on the industry, job role, scale of organization and other specifications.

As executive recruiters who love their job head over heels, we undertake our search in a time bound and cost-effective manner. However, since hiring managerial personnel requires a lot more effort, it may take 20% longer time than non-executive hiring. We guarantee you the results would be worth the wait!

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