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Building your Career?  Building your Team?

Executive Search

Caught in a maze of difficult situations, you are looking for a game-changer; a shape-shifter; a visionary, someone who would reshape your business but you’ve been given the mandate of operating in the shadows; to keep things strictly confidential of course. How will you attract a unicorn without telling anyone about it or a fair hunt?

Our executive level search tends to be 90% headhunting, talent-mapping, network- based. It is where we get to really flex our investigative, research and negotiating muscles as an executive search firm so that you can hire some of the best talents out there in the industry without revealing it to your competitors or the general public.


Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to re-pitch your business structure, value proposition, technical environment and HR policies every time you wanted to recruit – possibly even multiple times if you planned to work with a few agencies?

Wouldn’t you feel relieved if you were confident your recruitment partner not only knew your business back to front but were battling for the best resources in the industry on your behalf while passionately selling your opportunity?

How about that feeling when you finally get to hand over the recruitment responsibilities to trusted professionals (did we mention we do this ALL day EVERY day?) so you can get back to kicking goals within your own team!

As executive recruiters who love their job head over heels, we undertake our search in a time bound and cost-effective manner. However, since hiring managerial personnel requires a lot more effort, it may take 20% longer time than non-executive hiring. We guarantee you the results would be worth the wait!

Are you searching for someone who is a visionary, with the strength to carry your employees to the next level? Maybe you want to recruit someone without broadcasting your intentions to your competition? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, this is where our executive search offering at FIRESOFT comes in.

Our executive recruiters have a network of talented staff who excel in executive recruitment in Sydney. We understand how vital it is to find people who have the drive, experience and personality required to push your teams to be the best they can be. This is why we’ll tailor our executive search to match your exact criteria.

We’ve built a reputation for the subtle but effective executive recruitment in Sydney, thanks to our ability to offer fast and professional results without broadcasting your search for new talent. We bring decades’ worth of industry experience to the table, coupled with an in-depth understanding of what our clients want. This translates to results that you simply can’t beat.

Whether you need a single high-level position filled or multiple, we’ll use our executive search capabilities to bring you a pool of qualified and professional applicants that are eager to prove themselves and effortlessly slip into your company’s culture. We’ll choose people who are able to adapt to any changes you may have, and we select only the best of the best before we pass our findings on to you. No matter if you’re a large corporation or part of a smaller company, our executive recruiters are ready to work for you.


If you need executive recruiters to help you locate and hire the best and brightest talent available, reach out and get in touch. Our staff are on-hand and ready to help you in any way we can!