We are passionately tied to your success
and are committed to doing it right the first time
Building your Career?  Building your Team?
We get to know you, enabling us to
passionately represent you or
your business in the market
Building your Career?  Building your Team?

Our Philosophy

First and foremost – WE ARE HUMAN – JUST LIKE YOU. This is core to our values and is sewn into our every interaction and policy. You will always get our authentic selves showing up to every meeting, interview, event or otherwise; we keep it real.

FIRESOFT People was born out of the need to deliver a refreshing approach to recruitment and consulting services; placing a high emphasis on the consultative approach. We want to know you and understand the ‘unwritten’ motives and dynamics of both the internal working/cultural environment and our consultant’s career goals and life aspirations so that both are aligned for a long term and mutually beneficial partnership

Finally – and core to our success – each of our consultants really knows their shit. It’s in our values so if we don’t, we’re out.

Imagine spending your entire day networking within one specific field across IT or Digital; connecting with key players, headhunting, interviewing, testing and referencing. Attending Conferences where you’ll get your hands on bleeding edge technology; site-visits to one of the sexy new tech startup offices. Having lunch with the CIO of Australia’s leading hosting company or playing golf with the movers and shakers of your domain. We know connections aren’t just made at the office.

Our consultants have established a robust technical and functional understanding as well as a deep network in their field – after all, this is what they do all day! This focus allows us to do the hard yards to ensure we represent top companies and have top talent at our fingertips and when you come asking for “salt&pepper stack with some cucumber” ( inevitably, the newest technology) we’ll know exactly what you’re after and where to go to find it..!

Our Values


This is a pretty big statement; we know! In order for us to deliver outstanding experiences and truly partner with our clients and candidates to act as educators and trusted advisors we know we need to cultivate a team of superstars!

The FIRESOFT Ambassador team has come together to figure out the recipe; how to bottle the magic and figure out what makes us who we are!
These values are an integral part of our FIRESOFT DNA and will always be a driving force from which we measure ourselves and continue to grow our team

take responsibility
be curious
be determined

Meet Our Team



Danny Normington is an innovative, forward thinking, business-focused director with strong leadership and people skills; establishing start-up businesses to management and directorship of large $10M+ enterprises.

Danny started his career in North Yorkshire, UK where he has seen a plethora of change within the industry over the past 18 years, from the dot com explosion to cloud computing, Google and Facebook becoming dominant global forces and the demise of a number of Global Investment Banks. Arriving in Sydney, Australia in early 2001 he has built up a reputation of consistency, passion and partnership with all the customers he’s engaged with.

Developing successful customer-centric businesses is a real passion for him and possessing the knowledge to create a “best practise” company will ensure minimal mistakes are made and in general customers and candidates receiving an increased consistent experience when engaging with FIRESOFT People.

Danny Normington



Canadian born, Australian adoptee; Erin Evans is the Co-Founder & Director of FIRESOFT People and more recently another company within The FIRESOFT Group – INTELLIGEN; a National Analytics and Insights Consulting Company, delivering full-cycle projects across Business Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning now partnering with some of Australia’s largest Consumer-Focused Corporations. 

Over the span of 15 years, Erin has owned and operated an award-winning franchise for 4 years in Canada and co-founded three businesses in Australia.  Her breadth of experience spans across franchise operations, startup build & systems design and implementation, business development, brand management and of course technology and the ever-evolving landscape of human capital, consulting and recruitment. 

Her entrepreneurial passion budded at a very young age, always finding ways to start something new! From lemonade stands, bake sales and door to door fund-raising in the snowy Canadian winter she has since developed into an accomplished franchisee and business owner. 

She is driven to consistently carve out something new and innovative in every venture and places an exceptionally high emphasis on personal performance, integrity and truly adding value through her businesses, ‘profit for purpose’ initiatives and investment ventures.

Erin Evans



This may surprise you, I’m actually from the UK and do recruitment in Sydney, always trying to break the mould…

I’ve spent over 11 years recruiting in the FinTech space, predominantly in Development and Infrastructure. I’ve worked with a lot of interesting candidates over my time in many countries. My focus is to help FinTech organisations continue to build their teams with the highest calibre candidates. I’m loving the FinTech Start-Up space, it’s truly innovative.

I’m relishing the opportunity to build a FinTech team to support the many FinTech clients in Sydney. I love helping people to find jobs it’s easily the most fulfilling part of my job, I’m pretty passionate about helping people.

I’m a Rugby Union fanatic, I was the Club Captain of Sydney Harlequins up until last year so I can easily drink more beer than Alasdair. I’m also incredibly lucky as I’m slightly less obsessed with tea than Amy and she asks if I want one every-time she makes one.

Dan Barrett



I am an experienced FinTech Specialist Recruiter with 7+ years of experience in Sales and management. Zak has a passion for facilitating high value talent into diverse and emerging companies.

My key focus is to bring partnerships to the forefront by building partnerships with businesses as a personal brand ambassador. A proven record of building instant rapport gives me the ability to focus, manage and succeed generating true value across the board.

Coming from an Ecommerce background, I can articulate the needs of businesses depending on their current pipelines and projected business growth.

I am obsessed with all things latest and greatest, exploring new ideas and concepts and creating value in coaching and mentoring myself. My latest craze has been within the payments and financial markets domain.

Being a true technologist at heart I enjoy dabbling and having the latest and greatest of everything tech related. Fast cars, fishing, archery, and professional gaming but anything adrenaline filled you can count me right in. 

All in all, I am highly tenacious and passionate about whatever task comes my way. A bit whacky at times. True Story!




Graham has spent most of his working career in the challenging environment of Direct Sales that gave him the tools, working drive and attitude to be the best at whatever career he applies himself to. Currently he is passionately recruiting in the Business Intelligence space.

Outside of work Graham has a keen interest in Technology keeping up to date with the advancements made in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

In his spare time he enjoys running around a tennis court or strolling a golf course if the weather is in his favour. An avid follower of all sports around the globe, there will always be something on keeping him up at night; doesn’t matter if it’s the Australian cricket team on a tour of South Africa or following his beloved football team Wigan Athletic to more FA cup glory!




Coming from the South Coast of NSW, Daniel has grown up in a tight knit community that prides itself on friends and family. He took these values into the Navy where he worked on various operations around the Australian waters. Afterwards he began a career in sales and never looked back. Quickly picking up the knack of sales he soon began to broaden his horizons by taking on a team and growing it into a business of 20+ contractors generating in excess of $20 million for his clients over a 2 year period.

With all this under his belt he joins the FIRESOFT team to further his career and take on the new challenge of IT and recruitment. Daniel understands the key to any successful partnership is built on trust and honesty which is why we believe he will be an asset to any client or candidate he has the opportunity to deal with.

When not working, Daniel enjoys playing golf, soccer and going for a surf. He has a passion for music and plays guitar and piano at a well below average level. He likes to have a laugh and a joke which is good because his are terrible. At least he finds them funny…

Daniel Robinson



Steven is a young professional from the South of England with over 8 years’ experience in sales, he has an avid drive to learning new things and everything tech, working with major vendors across multiple segments has given him a broad knowledge of the industry.

He is passionate about building long lasting relationships with his clients /customers making sure everyone comes out with what they want.

He likes to let his results do the talking and will try to go above and beyond what is required making sure everyone is on the same page and more than happy with the end result.

Steven loves to travel in particular SE Asia saying it’s easier to tell you where he hasn’t been rather than he has. Steven enjoys socializing whether that be on the football pitch or in the pub / beach with a few beers.




Tim is a specialist FinTech IT Recruiter who made the move to sunny Sydney to live and work in a place he simply loves. Originally from South East London he started his recruitment career for nearly 18 months specializing in the banking and finance sector before jetting over.

His experience has always been in IT, mainly specializing in software/web development for over 5 years. This is a particular interest of his as he loves to learn about new technologies and continually educate himself as it constantly changes.

Tim is very competitive after growing up with a twin brother where everything was a competition, if you’re not first you’re last. Big beach goer and he has also fallen trap to being stuck in the Bondi bubble.




Peter is a Los Angeles native.

After college in the 80’s he worked as a business developer for one of the largest finance companies in North America.

In 1994 He launched his first business, Genetic Evolutionary Nutrition with two former business associates manufacturing and distributing health supplements throughout the US and Europe. The business took him to England where he managed all facets of marketing and distribution to nine countries in Western Europe.

After a few years in cold, wet England, he made a lifestyle move to Bali in 2005 where he launched Bali Alternative Media, a successful, full-service marketing agency working in direct partnership with the Bali Hotels Association.

Peter specialises in PHP Recruitment with FIRESOFT working with businesses in various sectors throughout Australia.
When not in the office, Peter can usually be found surfing, or playing football with his son.

peter jones



Gus was born, raised and educated in Sydney where he embarked on a 10 year Investment Banking career which saw him based in Sydney, London and Tokyo over the subsequent decade, specialising in global equity markets, risk analysis and compliance.

It was Gus’s fascination with human behaviour and behavioural science that saw him exit this career not long after the GFC to embark on an endeavour to study and help people with complex mental health issues and problems with addiction.

This is when Gus found himself living in Bali 7 years ago building and delivering a program for treatment of these complex human issues. Gus is also currently studying a Masters in Applied Social Science majoring in Psychotherapy and believes he can transfer these interpersonal skills in order to help and support individuals to make diligent and vital decisions when contemplating a significant career shift that may change their lives forever.

gus robert



Rina is a senior recruitment professional with over 6 years of experience in IT, healthcare, banking & finance. Her skills involve technical recruitment, expert headhunting, and candidate interviewing.

Rina has a positive attitude and always looks on the bright side. She is fun to work with and she can brighten anyone’s day with her smile!

During her free time, aside from being a supermom to her daughter, she sees to it that she visits the beach to bask in the sun. She loves travelling, meeting other people and trying new things.




Zhai has always had a hidden passion for accounting. She loves it so much that she has been working and continuously learning the craft for almost 6 years now. Although at the on-set of her career, she started with Executive and Administrative tasks, her love for numbers eventually shone through and she found herself learning and doing accounting tasks from monitoring Accounts Payables to preparing Accounts Receivables and doing bank reconciliation, just to name a few.

A single mom of two teenagers, a church volunteer, a daughter, a sister, and a FIRESOFT home-worker from the Philippines, she wears many hats daily! A lot right? Yes, its a lot! She’s the first person to admit it’s not at all easy to balance everything, but she knows aside from her aspirations for her kids which pushes her to work hard, her strong faith plays a big role in fueling her day to day success!

To her, honesty is indeed the best policy. She is all about working with integrity and she strongly believes there shouldn’t be anything that you should lie about, even when it comes to your own mistakes. Mistakes happen to teach us lessons and without acknowledging our mistakes, we will not grow and learn




2 years experience as a recruiter and recently joining the Firesoft teams specialising in the FinTech space, Chris is an Aussie recruiter (you don’t get many of those) who looks after the DevOps/Infrastructure desk here.

Chris prides himself on being able to find strong quality candidates for his clients in ensuring speed and deliverability. With over 5+ years of sales experience, Chris has a very direct approach to the market and is a forward thinker.

Chris enjoys playing golf on the weekends and a Carlton Draught on tap to finish off the round. Depending on how he plays he does enjoy more than 1.




Steph was born and raised in sunny (most of time) sydney and has joined the Firesoft family to specialize in the project services market.
Her sales experience started as membership consultant for one of australia’s largest cutting edge gyms.
Before moving into the IT recruitment game over 2 years ago and never looking back.

Steph has a knack for bringing clients and candidates together and building rapport with those alike, Her goal is to build out a larger contractor book and be known as the go-to for her clients when looking for the top talent.

When she’s not working you’ll find steph shopping, on the beach or having a nicely deserved vodka soda ( it’s the russian in me)

Stephanie Burshtein



Niki comes from nearly two decades of customer service and sales, with half being in recruitment.
She is passionate about building lasting relationships with her clients, candidates and colleagues and goes above and beyond for all of them!

Having been people-focussed for her entire career, Niki has grown and developed her management skills through training, experience and taking nuanced approaches to her work and life.

Niki is a strong account manager, able to help her clients determine which solutions they need, providing up-to-date market knowledge and accurate timelines on delivery based on market analysis. Her demonstrated ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels, enables her add true value to her clients and she prides herself on operating with integrity and transparency.

In her spare time, you can find Niki curled up with her dog and a good book, at the gym or doing yoga.

niki 1



Alex is a tenacious and outgoing individual who was born and raised in a borough of London. He spontaneously moved to Sydney, Australia in 2019 where he has settled in well and has grown in his recruitment career.

Alex started his career within Financial trading, shortly after leaving school which grew his passion within the technology space. Alex transitioned into Recruitment where he gained 3+ years of experience within the UK market with a niche focus on Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure and Modern workplace.

He now has nearly 1.5 years of experience within the Australian market where he has assisted a range of Consultancies and end users in scaling on their cloud teams.

Alex furrily enjoys sport where he is part of a football team based in Bondi, he also enjoys riding motorbikes and attending gyms several times a week. He has been lucky enough to see a lot of the world and will continue ticking of places on his “to do” list once the world returns to normal.




Nicole is highly-motivated, hard working individual who thrives in her role – working with the FIRESOFT team from afar. She is a single mom who is based in the Philippines and works from her home office – the FIRESOFT ‘overseas’ office!

Her goal is to be able to extend as much help as possible to the FIRESOFT family in whichever ways possible. From running systems administration and data entry on their internal systems and education portal, to social media, candidate contracts and onboarding, to organising and running events for the FIRESOFT Contractors and Professional Services team! There isn’t anything this woman can’t do!

Nicole has an obsession with detail, wants everything to be as perfect as possible and doesn’t settle for half baked work.

When she isn’t playing mom to her son, she loves to travel whenever she gets the chance. For now, she wants to explore her own country and eventually venture out on to other countries.

Nicole’s motto in life is HAKUNA MATATA which means NO WORRIES. Despite all the troubles that we all face in life try not to worry much and just do what needs to be done.




One of the things we love about the FIRESOFT growth story is that we’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some incredible humans along the way! We’re not under any illusion that people will stay with the FIRESOFT family forever and as they grow and develop, they may graduate our environment to other exciting challenges!

One of our fundamental beliefs is anchored around mutually beneficial relationships – our internal team included! We are clear about understanding our team members’ goals and aspirations and how we can help them get there!

Our Alumni pages give us the opportunity to honour and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done for us and proudly commend them for what they’re up to now and where they’re headed in the future along the path to their dreams!

Matt – Australian Born, Sport (literally ALL sports) fanatic, and all-round intensely passionate guy. Matt was the very first (and brave!) FIRESOFT team member. He joined us in mid 2012 and graduated in 2014 to give the account management domain a go!

Currently He Is:The Talent Acquisition Manager for an Information Management Consultancy in Sydney

His Dream: He would love to be a professional sports/surf athlete or photographer




One of the things we love about the FIRESOFT growth story is that we’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some incredible humans along the way! We’re not under any illusion that people will stay with the FIRESOFT family forever and as they grow and develop, they may graduate our environment to other exciting challenges!

One of our fundamental beliefs is anchored around mutually beneficial relationships – our internal team included! We are clear about understanding our team members’ goals and aspirations and how we can help them get there!

Our Alumni pages give us the opportunity to honour and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done for us and proudly commend them for what they’re up to now and where they’re headed in the future along the path to their dreams!

Phil – Australian Born, Agricultural Economics Graduate, best laugh in the universe. Phil is an absolute delight and brings a sense of humour and positive attitude to everything he does. Phil joined us as a Rookie Recruiter in 2015 and graduated to pursue his true dream in the finance domain!

Currently He Is: A Graduate in Funds Management

His Dream: He would love to be in a management role within the Funds Management domain by 30 years of age (and own a bachelor pad on the water in Pyrmont sooner than later – or so we’ve been told).




One of the things we love about the FIRESOFT growth story is that we’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some incredible humans along the way! We’re not under any illusion that people will stay with the FIRESOFT family forever and as they grow and develop, they may graduate our environment to other exciting challenges!

One of our fundamental beliefs is anchored around mutually beneficial relationships – our internal team included! We are clear about understanding our team members’ goals and aspirations and how we can help them get there!

Our Alumni pages give us the opportunity to honour and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done for us and proudly commend them for what they’re up to now and where they’re headed in the future along the path to their dreams!

Paul – English born, lover of all things mechanical (mostly cars) and football fanatic! Paul was a highly tenacious and passionate consultant who placed a huge emphasis on really knowing his shit; he even went and did an application development course with General Assembly! Paul graduated FIRESOFT to try his hand at pure technical sales!

Currently He Is: APAC Technology Sales Manager

His Dream: He would love to be the ‘go to guy’ for mobile ad-tech in Australia!





One of the things we love about the FIRESOFT growth story is that we’ve had the privilege of being surrounded by some incredible humans along the way! We’re not under any illusion that people will stay with the FIRESOFT family forever and as they grow and develop, they may graduate our environment to other exciting challenges!

One of our fundamental beliefs is anchored around mutually beneficial relationships – our internal team included! We are clear about understanding our team members’ goals and aspirations and how we can help them get there!

Our Alumni pages give us the opportunity to honour and appreciate the incredible work they’ve done for us and proudly commend them for what they’re up to now and where they’re headed in the future along the path to their dreams!

Emma: English born, women’s rugby player and fanatic and all-round hard-working, fun-loving, genuine human being. Emma joined the team early into the new year of 2017 and hit it off with clients, candidates and the team immediately, quickly seeing success on multiple fronts! After the delightful announcement from the Turnbull government around 457 visas there were some tough questions and reflections to be had; as many other Australian recruiters would have found. Emma decided this was perhaps a sign for her to follow her lifelong dream of getting into the police force and placed a hopeful application back in the UK with the whole FIRESOFT team backing her. She landed the academy role (of course) and though we were sad to see her go, she’ll always be a part of the FIRESOFT family!

Currently She Is: A Police Officer in London UK

Her Dream Job: She would love to progress through the ranks to become a Detective.




Born and raised in England, Will went the long way round to join the FIRESOFT team in Sydney: having spent 10 years in the prime Los Angeles real estate market as a top producer for Sothebys Intl Realty, then another 10 in Indonesia setting up and operating his own successful business.

Though he’s British by blood, Will not only surfs but also knows how to operate a BBQ and so feels more at home with his Australian family. 

With a passion for building enduring business relationships, Will loves delivering results and exceeding client and candidate expectations. Senior executives and sales leaders are his domain.

Will Roberston



With over 9+ years in sales, management and franchise directorship, he has the skills and capabilities to exceed expectations and deliver robust and effective recruitment solutions within the Python, Java, C# and Ruby space

A very passionate fisherman, who spends more time fighting snags than fish. A St George Illawarra fan (don’t hold it against him), Kieran is a self-motivated, outgoing individual with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Born and bred in the Illawarra, he made the decision to move into the corporate world to follow his aspiration of playing in the technology domain and help clients & candidates reach their career goals.




All the way from sunny England, Aaron managed to escape the grey of Manchester and settle as far away as he could in beautiful Sydney.

He has worked for 3 years in Cyber Security sales. During this time, he worked a variety of interesting projects from large penetration testing projects to assisting companies with PCI DSS and ISO 27:001 compliance. Having an insight into projects of this nature has sparked a keen interest in the development of all things cyber security and technology.

He’s a huge football fan, (soccer). Born in Manchester, he’s a lifelong Manchester United fan who is losing many hours of sleep waking up at 4am for kick off times.

He is now excited to apply his skills and past experiences to help organisations build exciting and innovative IT teams with the best humans!

aaron blacklidge



Originally from the UK Tiffany has been loving life in Sydney since 2008. With over 15 years experience in the cut and thrust of dealing floors across London and Sydney as an Interest Rate Money Broker, Tiffany has developed a huge amount of financial knowledge whilst building strong and long lasting relationships throughout the industry.

Since leaving her money broking career to look for a new challenge Tiffany then spent 5 years setting up, building, scaling and selling an e-commerce business specialising in Australian designed products. During this time she taught herself everything there is to know about e-commerce and is still fascinated by the psychology behind it.

Tiffany’s skills lie in relationship building and she prides herself on her empathy, trustworthiness and honest straight talking nature.

When she’s not at FIRESOFT Tiffany is utterly addicted to property, homes and interiors. She spends her time attending open homes, searching for new & exciting home decor and day dreaming on Pinterest of her next decorating project!




Becca was born and raised in England and moved to Sydney in search of sun, sand and an amazing job and has now has joined FireSoft People as FinTech Candidate Manager.

She has worked the recruitment industry for two and a half years back in the UK as an IT Delivery Consultant. She was working with blue chip clients, and was resourcing Developers, Projects Managers and Business Analysts. She is now working on the FinTech team with Dan and Zak, searching the world to find the best people for the job!

She loves surfing, skiing, shopping and watching documentaries, especially on animals!

Becca is very excited to join Firesoft and expand her skills and learn more about the IT industry, in FinTech!




Alasdair is a talented business professional with 9+ years experience in several different industries. Highly skilled at assessing and focusing on client needs and motivators. He has a proven ability to manage client/customer relationships at all levels, and places high value on developing long term partnerships and driving profitability.

Alasdair has an obsession with all the latest and greatest technology and a keen interest in the processes for how the tech is developed to how it is used.

When he isn’t planning the next holiday to somewhere exotic you can find him on the football field or down in the pub having a beer or two. A self-proclaimed whiskey aficionado and for the football fans, an avid Chelsea FC supporter.

Alasdair’s passion is quality of service coupled with a desire to exceed expectations. A professional attitude, yet service with a smile.




I have returned to the Firesoft family after being back at home in Dublin, Ireland with my actual family. For many reasons, this is a company I feel I belong with and wish to grow even further. I am proud to say I was a part of Firesoft in the early years and enjoyed a successful period with them, and now I want to be an even bigger part of this amazing organisation whilst furthering my own development along the way to becoming even more successful as a company and broader Global Team!

My love for recruitment comes from the enjoyment and interest of meeting new people and finding what they like/ love about their jobs. I want to know how their role plays a part in an organisation and more so I love being able to help people with new steps in their careers, for me there is great satisfaction in seeing how happy someone is when you tell them they got the job they wanted.

I am a keen football (Soccer) fan and former professional goalkeeper many moons ago. (Still good enough to stop Danny Normington’s weak penos). I enjoyed some great achievements trialing with English clubs, playing with Sheffield United, Luton Town and Leeds United, Irish Premier side Bohemians FC and represented my country Republic of Ireland – U19, U20’s and U21’s.

Side note: I am of course Irish and can match Dan Barrett for how much he drinks




Ned is another Englishman who left the UK for a sunnier climate. He brings with him a wealth of business experience from a career spanning 25+ years which saw him run businesses and manage teams in the media, hospitality and tech industries, working with a diversity of clients ranging from American Express to Marriott to the United Kingdom government.

During that time he recruited hundreds of superstars, always paying attention rather than lip service to ensuring the individual would be a cultural as well as technical fit for the role. Close relationships with clients and an attention to detail are two of Ned’s stand outs.

Outside of the office, Ned is a passionate sports fan, particularly cricket and football. He is convinced that England will regain the Ashes on their next visit to Australia in 2021/22 and will wax lyrical on why to anyone brave enough to listen. A quirky fact about Ned is that he used to earn a living as a fire juggler on the streets of Athens.


Business For Good

We Are All About Empowering Humans. For Us, This Extends Globally.

In March 2017, one of the FIRESOFT Founders, along with 20 other entrepreneurs from around Australia, went to see the work of The Hunger Project in The “Warm Heart” of Africa; Malawi.

Not only was this trip paradigm shifting, but it was also deeply inspiring. The vision, tenacity, grit and undeniable spirit of these people who have been empowered through The Hunger Project to end their own hunger was entirely life-altering.
As a result of this experience, our group decided we wanted to do more; to get involved in a more impactful way – one which we would directly empower the humans we so closely connected with while we were there. The Vision to take The Nchalo Community of 37,000+ people to a point of Sustainability by 2020 was born.

The 2020 vision for taking Nchalo to self-reliance has been a huge success (even despite the challenges of Covid!) and we surpassed our goal of contributing 100k to achieve just over 120k. We are so proud of every member of the community for their incredible display of resilience, tenacity and commitment to a shared vision.

PROFIT FOR PURPOSE is now entirely embedded into the work we do and so have committed to supporting a new community along their journey to achieve self-reliance!

Introducing Akode

The reasons we continue to partner with The Hunger Project and empower people globally:

A Hand Up – Not a Handout – Empowerment of Humans

  •  Global Focus with a Clear Goal of Ending Hunger by 2030
  •  Key Emphasis on Empowerment of Women – Leveraging the Silenced
  •  A Community Approach – Focused first on breaking down the Societal/Cultural Barriers
  •  Microfinancing – Enabling Entrepreneurs
  •  A Holistic Approach; Not just Hunger – Addressing the web of interrelated Cultural, Economic and Environmental Barriers

Come rain, hail or shine, we are committed to investing in Akode each month and have committed to a minimum of $135,200  to take the village of Akode through to their Self-Reliance ceremony!

Business For Good Is Good For Business: Every Time You Work With FIRESOFT You Are Changing Lives Globally.

For more information and to check in on how we’re tracking against our commitment click HERE