How to Create an Eye-Catching CV

Create an Eye-Catching CV


Create an eye-catching CV

Competing in the job market often feels like a battle. One way to give yourself a winner’s head start is to create an eye-catching CV that makes you stand out against other candidates. At FIRESOFT People, we’re adept at helping candidates throughout Australia find jobs in the IT sector. If you want to know how to write a CV, it’s time to follow our resume tips.

Start with your strengths

Your initial summary gives you the chance to start strong and wow whoever is reading it. Sit down and think about your key strengths and then single out those that are most relevant to the role. Create a strong and powerful paragraph that will grab the recruiter’s attention.

Demonstrate solid results

Avoid making vague statements that could be found on any CV. One of our greatest resume tips is to demonstrate solid results when writing about your time at various companies. For example, rather than saying you “strengthened security”, mention percentages and figures to support your actions.

Highlight industry insights

You should never make an employer think you haven’t kept your finger on the pulse since you graduated. Try to interweave your commitment to staying up to date with industry insights throughout your CV. One excellent way to achieve this is to include your networking activities in the document.

Don’t waffle

Although it’s tempting to write down every achievement you’ve ever made, recruiters don’t want to see you waffle. Instead, make your CV short, concise, and punchy. Stick to highlighting the elements of your working history and academic achievements that are truly relevant.

At FIRESOFT People, we know how to write a CV. If you need help in your recruitment journey, we’re ready to give it. To speak with a knowledgeable member of our team, contact us for a speedy response.

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