Our Partners

Our Partners


FireSoft Consulting is a proud corporate member of the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association; Australia and NZ). The RCSA is the leading industry and professional body for the recruitment and the human resources services sector in Australia and New Zealand. It represents over 4,400 company and individual Members. In being accepted as a Corporate member to this organisation, FireSoft has demonstrated exceptional attention to industry regulations is committed to abiding by the ACCC authorised Code for Professional Conduct which sets the standards for confidentiality and privacy, honest dealings, respect for work relationships, respect for law, respect for safety, respect for certainty of engagement and professional knowledge. In addition, you can be sure each FireSoft Consultant you work with has been thoroughly trained and is committed to further continuing their education in the recruitment industry to bring you the best service, expertise and outcome. Visit website


With over 20 years’ experience DDLS is the Australian leader in IT Technical Training, Certification and Professional Development, enabling customers to successfully deploy technology, effectively manage processes and deliver quality service.Visit website

Thirdview Financial

Thirdview is a fresh perspective on accounting and financial planning – they provide the options, you make the choices. They build relationships based on trust, supported by inspired solutions that evolve and adapt as you do.

They don’t give you off-the-shelf advice. They give you strategic choices that put you in control to achieve the life you want. The self-serving, ineffectual and commission-driven mentality that pervades parts of the financial planning industry is what you won’t get. They like their clients, so they started their own company to do it differently.

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Andrew Sparks

Andrew Sparks is an internationally recognised leader in peak performance, as a speaker and coach to business leaders and elite athletes. In his earlier days, Andrew successfully owned and managed companies across different industries, some, well into multi-million dollar revenues.

Following Andrew’s own inspirational life turnaround, he now works with leaders to get and keep them on top through his motivational speaking engagements, high performance workshops and 1:1 performance coaching.

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