Business for Good

business for good

We are all about empowering humans. For us, this extends Globally.

In March 2017, one of the FIRESOFT Founders, along with 20 other entrepreneurs from around Australia, representing The Human Kind Project went to see the work of The Hunger Project in The “Warm Heart” of Africa; Malawi.

Not only was this trip paradigm shifting, but it was also deeply inspiring. The vision, tenacity, grit and undeniable spirit of these people who have been empowered through The Hunger Project to end their own hunger was entirely life-altering.

As a result of this experience, our group decided we wanted to do more; to get involved in a more impactful way – one which we would directly empower the humans we so closely connected with while we were there. The Vision to take The Nchalo Community of 37,000+ people to a point of Sustainability by 2020 was born.

The reasons for FIRESOFT’S exclusive partnership with The Hunger Project via the Human Kind Project are varied however the key compelling factors that strongly align with our values are:

  • A Hand Up – Not a Handout – Empowerment of Humans
  • Global Focus with a Clear Goal of Ending Hunger by 2030
  • Key Emphasis on Empowerment of Women – Leveraging the Silenced
  • A Community Approach – Focused first on breaking down the Societal/Cultural Barriers
  • Microfinancing – Enabling Entrepreneurs
  • A Holistic Approach; Not just Hunger – Addressing the web of interrelated Cultural, Economic and Environmental Barriers

Business For Good is Good For Business: Every Time you Work with FIRESOFT You Are Changing Lives Globally.

we are human. just like you. just like them

our impact to date :

  • $120,000

our commitment by 2020 :

  • $102,000

join us in ending hunger

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